OCReMix Downtime

First OverClocked ReMix was down because complications with ZTNet, and now DJP has decided to move off of ZTNet all together to avoid such problems in the future…
[19 August 20:29:47] zircon: ztnet has been the host of OCR for awhile
[19 August 20:30:04] zircon: but they’ve been a disappointment overall, and dave has been thinking about moving it to a new server and administrating the site himself
[19 August 20:30:13] zircon: previously, the ztnet guys (all two of them) had the ultimate access
[19 August 20:30:18] zircon: dave couldnt do anything about some issues
[19 August 20:30:20] zircon: but
[19 August 20:30:25] zircon: the site is going to be migrated to new servers
[19 August 20:30:27] zircon: hopefully between 48 hours
[19 August 20:30:32] zircon: dedicated one
[19 August 20:30:37] zircon: so that dave can have full control
[19 August 20:30:40] zircon: over shit like this
[19 August 20:30:45] zircon: the forums have to be backed up though
[19 August 20:30:54] zircon: and then the new server has to be configured
[19 August 20:31:19] zircon: so
[19 August 20:31:22] zircon: no, we’re not being attacked
[19 August 20:31:24] zircon: we didn’t get sued
[19 August 20:31:28] zircon: it’s just backend stuff 😛