XBOX360 to bring cam-sex to unprecidented new levels

Not ONLY will XBOX 360 soon be releasing a webcam for use over XBOX live making it incredibly simple for the average XBOX fanboy posing as a hot lesbain to attempt to coax other XBOX fanboys coaxing has hot lesbians into cyber/cam sex, if they actually CAN find an actualy girl, they can now help pleasure them…remotely.
Thanks to Game Science for its post discussing the Japanese announcement of the Xbox Video Chat hardware/software bundle, which includes
“camera, 12 months of Xbox Live service, chat disc and Live Starter Kit.”

Although the product is
“being developed mainly in Japan”, a release date in the West is likely, if currently unknown. However, with features including “up
to 5 people video conferencing simultaneously… participation can be
restricted to invite only… send vibrations to participants’
, the staid Brits at Eurogamer are naturally horrified: “Given the remote-rumble function and the fact the Xbox audience is
‘adult’; well, our minds are boggling, frankly.”

From: slashdot