VGDJ: Episode #054

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

21st, 2006: it has been a dark weekend for OverClocked ReMix… the
forums have been down for 72 hours now, our ReMix rations are running
low, and not a pretzel in sight. There are even whispers among the
forum members about mutiny. However, it’s still smooth sailing at the
U.S.S. VGDJ! The full crew is back on duty for this episode, from
captains zircon and pixietricks to SgtRama, brigadier of the poop deck.
We’ve loaded the cannons with two new ReMix Reviews, and we’re on
course for a voyage through site projects. So dust off your peg leg and
pilfer a parrot: Episode 054 AHOY!
* Note: As of this writing, the
OCR forums have been down for about three days now, so we can’t link to
any threads there. When the forums are restored, we’ll update the
shownotes with all the appropriate links. Sorry!

[00:00] Does djpretzel, in fact, have “it” going on? You decide!

[01:10] Step
aside, pixietricks. zircon’s vocal prowess is not to be ignored.
Anyway! Things have simmered down around these parts, and so we’re back
to our normal audio format. Three cheers for pixietricks for the insane
amount of work she did putting together last week’s show, and a special
thanks to listener Kroze who assisted in encoding it.

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[06:43] The Rama Report: News straight from ThaSauce: An Ocarina of Time remix project has been started by Nario and Link12548 of VGmix. Two new arbiters were added to ReMix: ThaSauce, community members EazyP and Cerrax. MagiNinjA has revamped the website for the OrmGas Remix Project. Finally, the joke Duck Hunt remix project “Repercussions of Fowl Lamentation” (RoFL) has been rereleased.

[10:32] It’s the Rama Club theme!

[10:39] ReMix Review: From Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: ‘I Don’t Fight Boys‘ by Malcos, Red Tailed Fox
… Now, as you may know from previous episodes, we’re not so great at
math here at VGDJ. But we do know this much; two veteran remixers + one
good source tune = slick, jazzy hotness. All right, so it had a
Garageband drumloop in there, but that’s definitely no reason to pass
up on this awesome collab effort.

[13:50] ReMix Review: From Tetris: ‘Thirty-Plus Mix‘ by R3FORGED
… Tetris and techno? Well, it might not be the most shocking
combination around, but newcomer R3FORGED takes the concept and raises
the bar with this badass trance ReMix of the often-overlooked B theme.
The ReMixer himself was kind enough to leave us with his thoughts on
the mix and give us the skinny on how the funk he produces his tunes.

[18:41] The Compo Report: PRC, TOMC, and FLMC.

[20:26] SEGA!

Ah, the not-so-elusive OCR Site Project. Apparently, it’s mating season
for ReMix projects as there are more of them than ever before – at
least ten currently that are well underway. Since it would take a whole
show to go into each and every one, we picked out some of the
highlights. We touched on Project Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic
& Knuckles), Summoning of Spirits (Tales of Phantasia, Tales of
Symphonia), Milkyway Wishes (Kirby Superstar), and Children of Edrick
(Dragon Warrior 1-3), all of which are shaping up to be very good.

that have just gotten started can be tracked at the ReQuests forum – if
you’re interested in participating, this is the stage where you can hop
in. All projects that have significant progress are located in the Site
Projects forum.

lol omg secrets revealed! zircon divulges a few choice details about
the status of the FF7 ReMix project that he has been directing. A VGDJ
exclusive. 😉

[28:20] The Meetup Report:
What a dedicated minihost. DrumUltimA manages to give us a report even
though he’s on vacation! First up on the list of meetups is Shael Riley
Live, which will be on September 21st at Fat Baby in New York City. The
concert is at 9PM, but there will also be a traditional meetup the day
after at Shael’s house. Next is a barbeque hosted by Xerol at his
residence in Timonium, MD on August 25th and 27th. Lastly, OverCoat is
planning two meetups; one at the Penny Arcade Expo in Bellevue, WA on August 25th-27th, and another (a picnic) on September 2nd in Seattle.

[32:08] Russian ReMix Roulette:
After briefly poking fun at the names of various ReMixers, we get right
down to business. pixietricks elects to spit the die this week (as per
the requests of our undying legion of fans), selecting a tune that is
very dear to the both of us; GrayLightning‘s ‘Chasing the Phoenix‘, from Xenogears.

[41:37] zircon and pixietricks yearn for the glory days of OCR, where men were men and ReMix titles were totally awesome. Then, has the tale of McVaffe’s alter egos really been forgotten so quickly? zircon thinks not.

[46:00] Oh LES! You’re our hero. You give us so much, yet ask for so little. <3 [46:27] This is among the things you didn’t ask for. [47:02] OK kids, we think that’s been enough of zircon singing for one show. Since we don’t have a special ep coming up next week (OR DO WE?) we’re gonna take this opportunity to just relax. Anyway, vote for us at, check out the Cafepress store, and gaze upon our lovely visages at our photo album. Until next week, this has been… vuhguhdihjh.

[49:35] VOICEMAIL: Max & friends, jdproject, DJAnubis, Fragment, Samuel L. Jackson, BlackMage, and Snooper_1989.

[53:57] [stinger]