Sakari Music Competitions

Sakari has had a nice month and already some great entries for this month’s music competition. New names and old names are all in the hat this month!

Hey to all you out there.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Sakari has had more
people submit entries this month for our monthly music competition than we’ve had
in past months. However, this still isn’t a lot.

So, if you’ve got an interest in writing music, then I’d
highly recommend this competition because we’ve gotten some nice entries in the
past, and people that enter usually have a lot of fun. Well, that’s usually
because most of them are so damn competitive… But we’d love to have more
people join next month! Submission dates will be the 20th through
the 26th, and the official theme, rules, options, and prizes will be
announced on Sept. 1st.

I’ll give a small hint: Next month’s theme will have
something to do with The Matrix. And remember, it’s all in the Forums!

Thanks and good luck to all who are currently participating
in this month’s competition, and make sure that you stop by and submit your
entries for next month’s competition!

– Illustrationism