OverClocked ReMix celebrates Mix #1500

Today OCReMix celebrates it’s 1500th remix (a djp tune at that), ChipAmp, a new torrent, and various other changes.

“We’re back. After a drought of mixes, a server migration, and months
of headaches and coordination, OCR01500 is upon us, and along with it
quite a few changes, some big, some small, to OverClocked ReMix in
general. Where to begin? About four months ago I was having a rough
time with “big life questions” and what not, and felt like I had
reached a point where I needed to decide where to focus my energy –
where to invest myself, if you will. I’ve always felt like I could
accomplish a lot if I put my mind to it, but I’ve never been 100% sure what
“it” should be, in other words. I looked at what I’d done and what I
felt I could do, and essentially decided that OverClocked ReMix was
still something I could pour my heart and soul into and feel good about.

That decision’s been vindicated by several events since then: we had a wonderful time at Video Games Live in Philly, our Otakon
panel went swimmingly, and we’ve had some generous donations that have
allowed us to migrate to our own dedicated servers for the first time
in the site’s seven-year history. I’m personally proud of what I’ve
been able to do for the site recently, and I’m just as proud of
everything our listeners and staff have done as well. Being on our own
server should give us a good deal more technical flexibility to
experiment with dynamic functionality, and we still plan to migrate our
forums to vbulletin soon, as well. We’re also looking into an
arrangement with eStarland.com to get reliable international shipping of OC ReMix T-shirts, hoodies, and bumper stickers running.”

Read more @ OverClocked ReMix.