Sakari September Music Competition

Sakari has officially started its Music Competition for
September. The theme (surprise, surprise) is The Matrix. But it’s not JUST The
Matrix… There is another level to choose from.

The theme this month is most definitely The Matrix, but anyone participating
may choose one of five pre-selected scenes from that movie to write music for.
The scenes for this month are:

1.) Chase scene with Trinity and Agent Smith at the

Scene with Neo waiting under the bridge in the pouring-down rain.

The “Kung Fu” scene with Neo and Morpheus.

Scene where Agent Smith is “breaking” Morpheus in the large

Scene where Neo is killed and then gains his abilities.

Each one has a different difficulty rating and a different
theme behind it. There’s already a bit of a stir in the forums about this
month’s pick; word is that the musicians are excited. I think this is going to
be a very fun month, and there are enough themes to pick from that no one will
be able to say: “I’m no good at writing that type of music”. The
Staff at Sakari are looking forward to a large number of participants this

Also, the submission dates are similar to last month.
Submissions for this contest will only be accepted from September 20th through
September 26th. It’s a bit of a wider window this month, so it should be easier
to remember to get your entry in on time.

If you haven’t seen The Matrix, I’m sure there’s a good
reason: Maybe you were in a coma for the last 7 years, or perhaps you were in a
scientific study in a strictly-confined area. But if you’re reading this, then
there’s no excuse: If you’ve not seen The Matrix yet, you must. Not only is it
a prerequisite for the contest, it’s just a plain ol’ good movie that
everyone should see at least once.

As always, more information is in the Sakari forums. See you