MAGFest 5 Panel Ideas

Fellow gamers,
Fellow rocker-outters,
Lend us your recommendations.
We want to know which panels you especially enjoyed last year, and
which ones you think we should ditch. We are doing a few new cool ones
this year (jump on IRC or send Brendan a message on AIM to hear more)
and we also have some space that can be used for smaller (non-band)
music fun.

Did you ever want to see a panel on some random thing but thought it
was a bit too farfetched? Are you interested in helping out with that
or an already-existing panel? Here’s your chance! Let us know!

From: M5

XBOX360 to bring cam-sex to unprecidented new levels

Not ONLY will XBOX 360 soon be releasing a webcam for use over XBOX live making it incredibly simple for the average XBOX fanboy posing as a hot lesbain to attempt to coax other XBOX fanboys coaxing has hot lesbians into cyber/cam sex, if they actually CAN find an actualy girl, they can now help pleasure them…remotely.
Thanks to Game Science for its post discussing the Japanese announcement of the Xbox Video Chat hardware/software bundle, which includes
“camera, 12 months of Xbox Live service, chat disc and Live Starter Kit.”

Although the product is
“being developed mainly in Japan”, a release date in the West is likely, if currently unknown. However, with features including “up
to 5 people video conferencing simultaneously… participation can be
restricted to invite only… send vibrations to participants’
, the staid Brits at Eurogamer are naturally horrified: “Given the remote-rumble function and the fact the Xbox audience is
‘adult’; well, our minds are boggling, frankly.”

From: slashdot

OCReMix Downtime

First OverClocked ReMix was down because complications with ZTNet, and now DJP has decided to move off of ZTNet all together to avoid such problems in the future…
[19 August 20:29:47] zircon: ztnet has been the host of OCR for awhile
[19 August 20:30:04] zircon: but they’ve been a disappointment overall, and dave has been thinking about moving it to a new server and administrating the site himself
[19 August 20:30:13] zircon: previously, the ztnet guys (all two of them) had the ultimate access
[19 August 20:30:18] zircon: dave couldnt do anything about some issues
[19 August 20:30:20] zircon: but
[19 August 20:30:25] zircon: the site is going to be migrated to new servers
[19 August 20:30:27] zircon: hopefully between 48 hours
[19 August 20:30:32] zircon: dedicated one
[19 August 20:30:37] zircon: so that dave can have full control
[19 August 20:30:40] zircon: over shit like this
[19 August 20:30:45] zircon: the forums have to be backed up though
[19 August 20:30:54] zircon: and then the new server has to be configured
[19 August 20:31:19] zircon: so
[19 August 20:31:22] zircon: no, we’re not being attacked
[19 August 20:31:24] zircon: we didn’t get sued
[19 August 20:31:28] zircon: it’s just backend stuff 😛

Free EGM subscription returns!

Some people may still remember when I linked the free magazine subscripions of OCR awhile back, when now my subscription is UP so it’s time to renew!

Both links are pretty much exactly the same. All you do is put in your address and wait a month or 2 for your free EGMs.

Sign up for whichever you’d like, or hell…try both. I did.

Project Dragonslayer

Project Dragonslayer is a collaborated project based on the game Dragon Slayer IV, also known as Legacy of the Wizard. As this game features an amazing soundtrack full of composition and style, it deserves to be recognized and modernized.

The first steps are being taken and the recruitment has begun. The
project leader is not only stopping at ThaSauce and OverClocked
Remix, but also calling other remixers on. This is not only to broaden
the possibilities, but also to bring remixers of different natures and
interests together.

If you are interested, come on by the website to learn more and even join.

album6 – It’s coming

After the unparalled success of album5, I’m heading up a new project: album6. Unlike album5, album6 will be a collaborative album, with each artist submitting one track. All that’s required is a registered version of FL Studio and 3xOsc presets. The hour-long event will take place from 8-9pm EDT (Midnight-1am GMT) in #album6 on Be there, or else you won’t be there.

Chrono VGMix Archive & CT spc rip notes

When VGMix went down, my music pages became 30% broken links. I’ve scrounged up about 2/3 of all Chrono Series VGMixes for download to correct this. Find ’em at . If you have any missing tracks (listed at the text doc at that URL), upload them or something. Also, it bears repeating — Virt, someone trolled with my name after VGMix 2 went down. I’m apparently not banned anymore, so I hope you saw the message at OUS about this. Secondly, SNESMusic just released new CT and CTP .spc archives. It seems there are problems, though. For the full list, read the extended text. The Chrono Compendium’s putting together a rip right now that should be done as soon as we a.) retranslate the song names (current translation dates from 1995 🙁 ) and b.) figure out why the left stereo on “Final Battle” is muting.
Problems with the new rips:


1-02b Chrono Trigger (Finale) – Starts a couple seconds after the actual beginning of this song.
2-04 People Without Hope – Two variants of this song are missing.
2-05b Lavos’s Theme (Extended) – Misses the hi-hats that play at the beginning of this song.
2-22b Magus’s Castle (Bats) – The bats are a sound effect. Whoever was ripping this must have accidentally got them too.
3-14 Last Battle – Left stereo mutes after beginning until the main part of the song comes in. Still trying to figure this one out.
se04 Prison Tower (Variant) – Same as Prison Tower; it just starts at 0:35 in the real song.
se06 Computer Active – This is a sound effect, and isn’t in the game’s music data.
se07 Intruder Alarm – Ditto sound effect.
se11 & se13 – No reason to separate these, as they can be ripped in one track.
se17 Blackbird Crashes – Ditto sound effect.
se22 Ozzie Laughs – Ditto sound effect.
se23 Ozzie Falls – Ditto sound effect.


39b – Confusing Melody (Bats) – Same as above; there are no bats here. Someone accidentally ripped them with the song at Magus’s Castle.
se06 Computer Active – Ditto sound effect.
se07 Intruder Alarm – Ditto sound effect.
se12 Earthquake – There is no Earthquake, just Earthquake (Variant) in the Prerelease ROM.


The Compendium’s putting together an all-star rip to correct these problems. We’re still puzzled about the mute in the “Final Battle” song, so if you’ve tinkered with .spcs before, stop by and read the diagnosis here. As for those sound effect, the Compendium has both sets (normal and battle) ripped here. Also, if you can retranslate CT’s track list, let me know. We’re having a hard time finding someone.


I can’t help but notice you’re home and not out buying tickets for Snakes on a Plane….WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!
Snakes on a Plane comes out TONIGHT. You’d best get down there and get tickets before they sell out! Unless you already…in which case congrats! And enjoy the best movie ever made, and that ever WILL be made…

…that is of course until Samuel L. makes “MO MOTHERF***IN’ SNAKES, ON MO MOTHERF***IN’ PLANES!”

VGDJ: Episode #053: Day of the Videocast


VGDJ in video?! What has the
world come to? Contrary to popular belief, we’re not just a bunch of
disembodied voices floating around on the internet… but we wanted to
prove it with our first ever videocast.

This is your chance to actually
SEE zircon, pixietricks, djpretzel, Liontamer, GeoffreyTaucer, and
friends in living color. Check out all our crazy footage from last
week’s OCR Otakon panel, and not without a few added bonuses, of
course! There are three versions available for download, for
those of you residing on the extremes of web speed:

Low res (70 MB)
Medium Res (130 MB)
High res (400 MB)

If you wanna view this cast on your iPod, you’ll have to convert it to
mp4. We gave up on that long ago, for various reasons. But the MOV’s
should play in iTunes, at least. Have fun, kiddies!