News and Updates

First of all, I would like to offer our condolences to the Irwin
family. We can only hope that the legacy of Steve Irwin will live
on with the various animals he has tried to save from extinction.

Secondly, it was brought to my attention recently that djpretzel has
changed the layout of OverClocked ReMix once again, settling in on a
sleek tab design which was created to make the website a little easier
to navigate.

Lastly, the Dwelling of Duels has announced winners and the next
competition. Congratulations to Master Hatchet, goat, and

This month’s Dwelling of Duels is the music of Silent Hill.
Arrange and play music from any of the 4 SH games and enter!
Concurrently, the third annual Tornado of Solos is happening this
month, featuring the Follin Brothers’ Silver Surfer, Track 01.
For the uninitiated, the Tornado of Solos is a shred competition in
which extremely technically advanced players show off their virtuosity
and arrangement capabilities with the same song as everyone else.

Thanks go to virt for supporting the DoD.


thanks MN 🙂