CompoST64! New tools, new faces! Abandoned spaceships!

The theme today was “Abandoned Spaceship!” We also had two new faces, Illustrationism [the owner of Sakari-Infinity] and Koelsch1 [scene saxophonist extraordinaire!]. Thanks to my recent camping out in #mod_shrine, I came across a tool called “CMS” designed specifically for managing compos, by Reduz! It’s great, I’ll give it to you if you ask for it.

Here are the Results

CompoSTs [short for
Compo and SoundTempest put together :)] are thematic videogame music
OHCs, held in #soundtempest on EsperNet. They are scheduled whenever
anyone feels like compoing.

Formats allowed are music modules [it,s3m,xm,mod], NSF, mp3, and ogg.

host the CompoSTs personally and also participate. I pick the theme and
regulate the start and end time. I also decide whether the channel
votes on a winner or not [sometimes when I am tired, there is no voting

Come hang out in #soundtempest, and please let me know if/when you would like to have one.


Edit by Xerol:

Songs are here, and as an additional note, another CompoST is scheduled for this Wednesday.