Software Equivalents List Update and Video Podcast Feature

Just wanted to let you know that I recently updated the “Software Equivalents List” to Hardware Instruments on my webpage. I added tons of new equivalents, did some minor tweaks and enhanced the DSP solution section. Also new is that the list is now linked on the main page of my webpage for easier access. More as usual on
also like to point out that the “Software Equivalents List” was
featured in the just released Gearwire Crosstalk video podcast. You can
find the most recent episode here,
including previews of Microsofts new Portable Player, two new music
communities and an in-depth tests of 3 Gibson Les Paul guitars

Gearwire Crosstalk is a weekly podcast featuring hardware and software reviews of recent releases in the music industry including sequencers, instruments and effects. Check out the people over at

If you want to give some feedback, comments or even recommendations, please post over in the Software Equivalents list on