Dwelling of the Chiptunes?

Below is a link that will hopefuly lead you to the first D.O.C.
compotetion or dwelling of the chiptunes hosted by none other than
local chiptune enthusiast Spamtron! The first round was somewhat short
notice and thus had a small turnout. However you can still vote for the
current songs that made it through :)! Votes are accepted untill
Saturday the 23rd of September at Midnight West Coast 3:am East Cost
time. You have 10 points to distribute however you wish for
original compositions and 5 points to distribute for cover songs. Make
your voice count and send your votes/submitions to guerinator [at] gmail.com!
Enjoy listening to what made it this round and get pumped for round 2
which has just started and ends October 14th! Rules for the compotetion
can be found on the site itself. Basicaly, any hardwear/software that
has a nice retro chipy sound is welcomed! From 8-bit sqaure waves to
the 16-bit Fm sounds of the Sega Genesis! The focus here is not exact
specifications. Rather it’s on having fun and getting everyone a chance
to get involved! So dust off that tracker or whatever you have and get
creative. The more entiers the better. Let’s make this next one a D.O.C
to remember :)!

A big thanks in advance to everyone who participates in any fasion. Be
sure to drop by the temp Shizz Shelter forums and leave us some
comments if you can! If you do vote, try to vote fair :). Above all
enjoy listening and hopefuly making your own chip-tunes for round 2 and
beyond :)!