VGDJ #58: Who the heck is BGC?

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

It’s an adventure in adjudication with judges and zircon and
pixietricks! OMG it’s true, our very own pixie is now one of the few,
the proud, the OCR judges – along with big giant circles, who we
managed to grab for a candid interview about week 1 of being a
shtyjudgfgt. But we haven’t forgotten our roots, no sir-ee! We’re in
full gear with three brand spankin’ new ReMix Reviews, including a clip
from mastah guitarist Sixto. Plus, the OCR compo scene has seen a bit
of a shocker for the first time in months, and even DrumUltimA brings
us some surprises in his meetup report. There’s even more, but it is up
to you to acquire Episode 058 and unlock the mystery yourself. Huzzah!