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Hello and welcome to the first installment of my (hopefully) weekly
column! I’ve got some things for you to look at, in and around various
parts of the online and offline community.
First, Halo Related news as follows:’s
dedicated servers continue to draw idiots who think that it’s funny to
shoot teammates regardless of whether friendly fire is off or not; in
addition to that users also continue to perpetuate the myth that an
insulting name is funny on a general audiences server.
In related
news has some new runs to look at; if you’re having
trouble beating Halo 2 (you noob) then this is not for you as some of
these players have spent literal days trying to get a good enough speed
run to submit. Be sure to check out news pages two and three as well
for some no-shot goodness.

Non-Halo news as follows:

Supremacy is still quite a good band, and news floats around that
there’s a new Mars Volta album out so if you’re interested in them give
it a look. Television continues to disappoint some people, the Adult
Swim lineup especially. But for those of us who haven’t already seen
fansubs or shelled out thirty dollars per disc Bleach and Trinity blood
are welcome additions to the Saturday Lineup, as well as new Robot
Chicken for sunday, and most recently a surprisingly on-topic (at least
for a moment) new episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

if those don’t satisfy you you’re always welcome to tune into local
programming and infomercials, History Channel for some laughs at the
secular scholars’ attempts to interpret how the pyramids were built and
Discovery Science keeping you up to date on the little things that make
the world tick.

That’s all for this week; join me next time as I
take a look at the goings-on of the artist side of the universe. I’ll
have artist reviews, commission guides and who’s been where, so don’t
miss it.