This Week in Game Releases

EA pumps out yet another sports game,
while Taito releases Bubble Bobble Revolution for the NDS. In
other, saddening news, Desperate Housewives is now a PC game.
EA is notorious for releasing sports games as though they were a fast
food chain. While not necessarily a bad thing, Fifa ’07 is
shipping this week into a market which has already been inundated with
other EA hits such as Madden NFL ’07, Nascar ’07, NCAA Foootball ’07,
and NHL ’07. The graphics are going to be on the same level as
these other games, and the rosters will more than likely be as accurate
as possible. May not hit the mainstream as hard as Madden, but as
it is being released on every platform imaginable, it is hard to
conceive that this game will not do well.

Taito Corporation is rereleasing its classic Bubble Bobble games on the
Nintendo DS, with what looks to be a new game designed to take
advantage of Nintendo’s Dual Screen technology. Unfortunately,
Bubble Bobble Revolution does not appear very revolutionary, and seems to be relying
solely on the strength of nostalgia to bear the burden of sales.

Also being released this week is Beuna Vista Games’ Desperate
Housewives PC game, which is labeled as a Virtual Life game. It
should appeal to who watch the television show, which means all of you
young gentlemen who have computers must lock your doors, for there is
reason to fear that your mother/girlfriend/sister may install the game
and suddenly pre-empt you from your own business. At least until
Desperate Housewives coems on next week.

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