#Mod_Shrine One Hour Compo!

Tuesday evening I hosted a one hour tracking compo on the #mod_shrine
channel, on esper.net! The samples were mostly in tune, only off
by a few cents for the most part, but that didn’t stop these guys from
putting on a good show.
What follows is the results as I posted them in the channel.
Bolded items are artists and their corresponding songs, underline is
the number of points they received.

[20:16:55] this must be xaimus 11th compo, he came in 5th place with module1.it
[20:16:59] osh**
[20:17:11] werent there 6 entries?
[20:17:23] tie maybe
[20:17:24] tie around the corner hmm
[20:17:39] points?
[20:17:50] CategoryApl tried his hardest to go global.it, but after his 18th round trip, he decided it was time for a 4th marriage
[20:17:54] 11 im guessing, he underlined 11
[20:17:58] duh
[20:17:59] what
[20:18:00] heh
[20:18:03] just realised it myself 🙂
[20:18:08] that was my 3rd
[20:18:14] 😛
[20:19:02] eh
[20:19:08] ah
[20:19:11] nothing
[20:19:27] mnext slut
[20:19:28] OMG! We have a bow-tie! eKid‘s little lost piggy.it ate part of DenseGoo‘s rotunda.it display, causing a delay of another 22 minutes…
[20:19:44] heh
[20:20:24] OMG
[20:20:25] soc couldn’t control himself after watching 23 hours of pornotube, he had to leave some sotd.it [semen on the desk]
[20:20:33] eKid, i’m gonna get you for what your pig done!
[20:20:36] haha ha
[20:20:45] how did you know I looked at pornotube
[20:20:49] 😀
[20:20:50] i guessed!
[20:21:03] it’s a mostly terrible site though
[20:21:23] Tonights champion by First Round Knockout in 30 seconds… s-go with justin timberlake.xm
[20:21:23] http://scene.org/file.php?file=/music/artists/melvyl/2000/mv-desk.zip&fileinfo btw

Download the files here:

Please note that you will need a module player such as XMPlay, MODPlayer, or WinAmp (but use the BASS plugin).

*Note about the results.txt, it was generated using Juan “reduz”
Linietsky’s Compo Management System, if you want to have a copy of this
program, let me know and I’ll hook you up!