McVaffe’s current gig

Quoted from McVaffe’s post on the OCReMix Forums
OK I’m not particularly proud of shameless plugs
but considering all I’ve learned from this site had quite a bit to do
with me actually landing this gig I figured it’d be at least decent of
me to give a heads up to anyone interested.

I’ve been working with a small game development company in downtown NYC
on an Xbox 360 title and it’s almost completed. The name of the game is
Street Trace NYC and I’m not going to promise it’s teh B3ST GAM3
EV4R!!! But considering it’s a completely original Live Arcade game and
is completely 3D, it’s pretty damn impressive. As for the concept, I
guess you could call it a cross between ideas of Tricstyle and Twisted
Metal, but it’s definitely a fun multiplayer game (though I haven’t
gotten particularly good at it yet).

As for my involvement, I worked on some of the sound effects as well as
the in-game music, which, despite the small size of the game, is still
a great accomplishment for me. Even before the game officially comes
out I wanted to give a shout to the site and to its members for giving
me an outlet for my stuff and encouraging me long enough to even get to
this point.

For anyone wanting to check out the game itself the site can be found here:

The pics are a bit dated and right now the game is actully cel- shaded
and looking much better, but you can get the idea. I don’t know what
will happen after this project but I look forward to working on future
projects with this talented group of developers, so please check it
out, especially if you like the whole racing / shooting genre.

And again, thanks guys!! (and gals)