jake.vgmix.com Launched! Also Blip Festival

virt writes:
“Let’s face it, friends – virt.vgmix.com is a mess. It’s always been a
more of a gallery than a business site. Terrible for trying to attract
clients. Under “Demo Reel” I have junk that’s like 4 years old. There
are 400-something songs laying around randomly, most of which contain
cocker spaniel samples.
“So, after years of coming up with reasons why I’m not ready to “promote myself” yet, I rainbow-wanked jake.vgmix.com
into existence. I’m damn well ready now. So tell all your buddies who
work for high-powered game studios to go check out and get their
bosses to hire me. God knows I’m going to be knocking down their doors
either way.
“But don’t say goodbye to my NES turntable just yet, virt.vgmix will
continue to be my personal home, so keep checking here for all your
inane virt rantings and new tunes.
“Oh, and by the way, Blip Festival.
Basically, it’s Chiptune Woodstock, in NYC. If you don’t come, you’re
in big, big trouble and I’m going to laugh at you forever.”