Planet Boelex Spins the Virtual Wheels of Steel


h0l/simon writes: “So since I know some of the Wired Magazine folks,
and they were looking for good Creative Commons-licensed music to play
at the opening of their ‘virtual campus’ in the online world Second
Life, I recommended Planet Boelex, and he’s done a set that will be
streamed in-world during their opening event tomorrow, Oct. 20th


Not really sure what time that will be – we think maybe about 4pm PST
on Saturday

I had read the thread [I probably check the mono211 board the most out of anyone due to rabid fanboyism] the day it was posted, but it didn’t really sink in that it was a MMO thing until just now, when Planet Boelex posted this image:

I have no idea what Second Life is like, or if they’ve done this before, but hey, it’s news to me! This was a pre-recorded DJ set, but who can say for sure how long it will take before a band performs live via 3D CG avatars in a MMO setting?

Planet Boelex is an accomplished net-artist who has released on Monotonik multiple times. You can find Planet Boelex’s works on