Live bootleg of Shael’s 10/21 show now availible!

Shael says @ his LiveJournal:

A fan was cool enough to Bootleg my 10/20 performance at The Western
Front in Boston, opening for Optimus Rhyme and MC Frontalot. He got
every track in the 11 song set except for the first. The background
instrumnetlas are a little low in the recording, which suits me fine,
as I’m already pretty familiar with them, and it is, after all, a
bootleg, so some muddiness in the recording is to be accepted, if not
expected. Check it out, though! There’s a cool version of Blood on the
Asphalt, from my Street Fighter 2 remix project of the same name.

  1. Music of My Groin
  2. World’s Worst Drum Programmer
  3. Rock the House
  4. Miss Information?
  5. Bit Pop
  6. Down With Bane
  7. Mint Potion
  8. Music Ruined Video Games
  9. Blood on the Asphalt
  10. Less Than Three
  11. Braggadocio (MC Frontalot Cover)

Shael also adds, “The New York show the following night was something of a disaster! Likely I will explain in a post upcoming.

Eagerly awaiting THAT explaination 😮