Mega Man 3: Magnet Beat

OCReMix has a lot of remixes from Mega Man 3, a very popular Mega Man game. Some remix WIPs of this game are never released and have disappeared from the Earth. It’s not good, some of these WIPs are very nice. Here is an old WIP, released around 2004:

It’s a song from Whipper, an unknown remixer. It’s his only support to the OCReMix community. He did some other songs, but these songs aren’t good, they aren’t VG remixes and they aren’t even 50% finished. Whipper is not active anymore, so I don’t think he will finish this trancy remix.

It is a trance remix from Mega Man 3 Magnet Man Theme. Magnet Man is not the most remixed song, especially not in this way. Check out the song and enjoy.

BTW: We need more Featured Songs on ThaSauce.

VGDJ #61 – Triple Trouble

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

video games? Video game music? Umm, like, that’s SOOO dorky! But we
don’t care! Even though djpretzel and Rama have been lazing around,
we’ve been joined by a special guest to spice things up; it’s Doug
“DrumUltimA” Perry! And not just on a short segment either.

“He’s here
to assist us with every aspect of Episode 061, from the remix roulette,
to MAGFest coverage, to our new Halloween Cosplay Contest. YEP!
Surely you didn’t think we’d let all of you steadfast video game fans
go more than a week without giving you more chances to win some more
swag, did you? You download! You download show!”



Universal and Fox no longer behind Halo film adaption

Both Universal and Fox have withdrawn their financial support from the upcoming Halo film still in development. The two companies recently had a falling out with Microsoft and the filmmakers (including executive producer Peter Jackson) over the price of the film (currently estimated at $135 million, though recent rumors had put it in the $200 million range) and how the profits were to be shared between the Universal, Fox, Microsoft, and the filmmakers. The film team remains optimistic, however. Ken Kamins (a representative for Jackson and co-producer Fran Walsh) states that Microsoft is already in talks with other distributors.

Read more infos here.

MPAA: Corrupting Our Nation’s Youth Since 2006

According to a recent story on the AP wire, Boy Scouts in the Los Angeles area can now earn a merit badge by doing the MPAA’s bidding. The merit badge is given out to those who follow a curriculum designed by the movie industry itself. Dan Glickman, the chairman of the MPAA, had this to say: “Working with the Boy Scouts of Los Angeles, we have a real opportunity
to educate a new generation about how movies are made, why they are
valuable, and hopefully change attitudes about intellectual property
theft.” We’re with you there buddy, if by “educate” you mean “brainwash.” What’s next? RIAA Sunday School?

Original Music Competition 7: Pop Songs. Results!

Retagged Songs here

had a great time listening to this month. Thanks everyone, especially
XMark for killing the competition. Kadmium, House, Dennis, Shawn, you
all were really great too. this was a really close voting month.” – creep

1. XMark – Piece of Heaven (38 votes)
2. Kadmium – Empty (32 votes)
3. housethegrate – Uber Dyke (29 votes)

4. Dennis – Reality TV (26 votes)
5. Temp Sound Solutions – Character (20 votes)
6. Paragon – Interfere (10 votes)
7. Amaranthine – No Escape (9 votes)
8. Naz – Sleepy Evenings (7 votes)
9. Koelsch1 – Kung Funk (6 votes)
9. Wizards and Warriors – Tha Untitled Motha Fuckin Hip Hop Track, Yo (6 votes)

Alternate Entry:

Koelsch1 – Circlecision

Taken from Launched! Also Blip Festival

virt writes:
“Let’s face it, friends – is a mess. It’s always been a
more of a gallery than a business site. Terrible for trying to attract
clients. Under “Demo Reel” I have junk that’s like 4 years old. There
are 400-something songs laying around randomly, most of which contain
cocker spaniel samples.
“So, after years of coming up with reasons why I’m not ready to “promote myself” yet, I rainbow-wanked
into existence. I’m damn well ready now. So tell all your buddies who
work for high-powered game studios to go check out and get their
bosses to hire me. God knows I’m going to be knocking down their doors
either way.
“But don’t say goodbye to my NES turntable just yet, virt.vgmix will
continue to be my personal home, so keep checking here for all your
inane virt rantings and new tunes.
“Oh, and by the way, Blip Festival.
Basically, it’s Chiptune Woodstock, in NYC. If you don’t come, you’re
in big, big trouble and I’m going to laugh at you forever.”

CastleVania Animated Movie in the Works

From a page of Warren Ellis’ website:

“Apparently I can now tell people that I’m writing a CASTLEVANIA animated film for Project 51 Productions.

“So, um. Yeah.

“Project 51 will be setting up a production blog for CASTLEVANIA in the near future.”

His site says this about him:
“WARREN ELLIS writes comic books and graphic novels, videogames,
animation, books, screenplays, tv and anything else he can steal money
for. He lives in south-east England and is kept standing solely by Red
Bull, cigarettes and a cane. He can be emailed at warrene @”

Monotonik Turns 10! Massive Tribute Mix!

Simon says [lol]:
“So, we made it – ’10 Years Of Monotonik – The Mix’ is testament to
that. It’s hard to believe that it was in early 1996 that we first
started up our net.label Mono – initially as a .MOD-only label, since
this was before the days of MP3s (and, indeed, of very wide use of the
Internet.) What a long way we’ve come since then.
“The first couple of years, for those who recall it, actually
had individual Commodore Amiga-based BBSes distributing our material as
‘official distros’, before FTP sites such as Aminet kicked in and made
spreading material much easier, then started helping out and
a switch to PCs and MP3s was made (in around 1999!) From then on out,
there was a dalliance with sublabels, including the now defunct Mono211
and Monoraveik, before Monotonik was standardized on and we carried on
publishing the best Creative Commons-licensed, freely distributable
MP3s we could find right to where we are now, halfway through the ’00s.

“So many people deserve thanks for helping us keep on keeping
on – from Tommy ( admin) through stalwart Monotonik releasers
such as Vim! and Lackluster, and more recent supporters like Ossi
(Planet Boelex). I’d like to thank my family and my wife Holly for
giving me the inspiration to continue Mono, but most of all, it’s the
Monotonik artists – you’re the label, not me, and it would be nothing
without you.

“It’s hard to estimate exactly, but millions of music tracks
from hundreds of Monotonik artists have been downloaded in the last ten
years, and thus, we commissioned a special mix from Christopher
‘Whalefish’ Whaley to honor some of our favorite Mono artists and
moments. Here’s the full tracklisting (and there’s some danger of a
part 2 mix, since we had to leave so much good stuff out, btw):

1. bliss – life on the rooftop

2. secede – seafold

3. planet boelex – paprikas from deep

4. vim! – whirlwind snooker

5. braces tower – king of rock

6. ramone – back to the oldskool

7. super science – sometimes we’re happy

8. whiskas – as in cockroach

9. dreamfish – twisted riddim

10. fun tourist – ddd

11. beak – amoral mayor earwig

12. twilight – crystal rain

13. distance/lackluster – starcell u.k.

14. aleksi virta – outer edge intro

15. thug – obatem by night

16. jiva – sous l’eau au pied

17. luminfire – bananadittydub

18. esem – thinmute

19. sense – icy l tap

20. sleepy town manufacture – lain say you care

21. grandma – strawberry rhubarb oppai

22. transient – trashybin

23. idmonster – the force may be with you

“Spread the mix, and we love you all.”

– Simon Carless, Monotonik – October 2006

Here is the link to the mix