Software Instrument Group Buys – real bargains for everyone

For those who rather read ThaSauce than scooping around on music pages (like I do), there’re some deals going on at the moment that you shouldn’t miss – and you should hurry up.
For example, there’s the DiscoDSP Discovery
Group Buy. You get the chance for a up to 60% discount (39,60USD plus
VAT instead of 99USD) for this VSTi, which is also a Nord Lead II
emulation. But hurry up! As soon as 60 people are signed up, the Group
Buy will be closed, and 40 people already signed up.

Also for a real bargain, take a look at the Wusik’s Wusikstation 3
Group Buy. It’s running till the end of the year (December 31st), but
instead of paying 89,95USD for a 2GB sampleset VSTi with tons of
modulation possibilities, you only pay 49,95 if 100 people sign up. The
Group Buy won’t be closed but keep on till 200 people sign up. You will
already get access to the VSTi as soon as 100 people signed up but keep
on recommending it to others, cause the more sign up, the more you have
the chance to get additional samples and a 6 month subscription of the
Wusik Magazine for free.

I recommend to check out both Group Buys and the Wusik page itself, cause they have way more stuff to offer for their customers.