OverCoat and mDuo13 Start ”Nekomimi Music” Blog

Copied from mDuo’s first post:

“Welcome to our new blog, Nekomimi Music. For those of you who haven’t heard our mumblings and ramblings in the past few weeks, you’re probably wondering what this site is about. Well, it’s time to end the questions and the vagueness and explain what this is and why it exists.
“Why do we exist?

“Well, I can’t tell you the answers to any questions of
existentialism and unversal truth, but I can tell you why this blog
exists. We care about anime music – and anime remixes. And since
certain other websites do not update as regularly as we’d like, we
thought we could do better, and while we’re at it, we could talk about
things that aren’t related to some of those other websites – we can
review the latest OSTs, show off chiptunes of anime songs as well as
professional rearrangements, post remixes of all sorts (including the
kind that doesn’t have a capitalized M) and whatever else we feel like
adding. In short, this site is meant to be a one-stop visit for anime
music news.

“Why do you keep saying ‘we’?

“Simple. There are three of us: me (mDuo13), soc (OverCoat), and red
(Redcavalier). We were basically the last active members of Anime
Remix, so we decided that we may as well stick together when we made a
new site.

“What kind of weirdo name is ‘Nekomimi Music’?

“It actually kind of a reference to the quirky opening theme from an obscure anime, but it’s also a fun theme: “nekomimi” means cat ears, so we can use the cat-ear motif to mark our stuff. I mean, who doesn’t like cat ears on anything and everything?

“So if this is an anime music site, where’s the anime music?

“To be honest, we don’t want to give it all away at once, so you’ll
have to keep checking back to get more and more of it. But we can start
you off with a little something you may have heard before: the Anime Chipdisk volume 1.
This is a little project by OverCoat, Tenemis, Coda, and Noboyuki to
take a bunch of your favorite anime themes and re-create them in
space-efficient Impulse Tracker chiptune format! The end result is
pretty close to what it would sound like if you were watching anime on
your Amiga or your NES! We hope you enjoy them!

“That’s all for now, folks!

“And that concludes the Nekomimi Music Manifesto. Wow, I’m getting
sick of typing those M’s. Anyway, be sure to check back, because we’re
going to be posting lots more within the next few weeks, including
plenty of songs, some of which
you’ll have never heard before!

“In other news, it’s my birthday! I’m 20 now. It’s kind of
depressing to realize I’m already this old and yet I’ve accomplished so
little with my life. Hopefully that won’t be true for long!”