RPGamer announces ‘Anthem of the Unsung’ contest

In this week’s RPGamer.com Sound Test update, Matthew Foster
(Redbeastmage) announced the launch of ‘Anthem of the Unsung’, the
site’s first music related competition in a year. Contestants are
expected to create remixes of lesser known character themes in order to
compete for a first place prize of an RPG soundtrack worth $40.
In his own words, here’s the basic scope on what is expected of the source material choice for this competition.

‘For a common example, doing say, Terra’s theme from Final Fantasy VI
would recieve a 0 for the contest, as she is argueably the main
character of the game. However, doing a piece that is based on Gogo’s
theme, from the same game, would be more fitting. Keep in mind, that
the character on whom the music is based doesn’t need to be a hero or
playable character. Villians, NPCs, even multiple related characters
are fair game. Basically anyone with a musical theme attached to them
will work out.’

The deadline for submissions is December 14th at 11:59PM PST, with
the results to be announced on Christmas Eve. For the contest rules and
judging criteria, click here.