Games in Concert – Today in the Netherlands

On the thread @ OCR, Smoke writes:

At 8:15 PM CET(2:15 PM EST) today there’s a
video game music concert taking place in Utrecht, in The Netherlands.
The entire concert can be listened to for free online through this

It’s the first game concert in The Netherlands ever as far as I know, and there’s quite a few popular tracks being played.

Here’s the full tracklist:

* Legend of Zelda

* Super Mario Bros.

* Halo

* Metal Gear Solid 2

* Final Fantasy 7

* Battlefield 2

* World of Warcraft

* Kingdom Hearts

* Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

* Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – by Floor Jansen

* Killzone

* Metroid Prime

* Fable

* Shenmue

* Monkey Island 3

* God of War

* James Bond: From Russia With Love

* Civilization 4

* Medal of Honor: European Assault

* Gun

* Fifa 07 – with The Sheer

For those that are able to read Dutch, here’s a link to the site: