Ronin Collective returns! Huge New Release!

Taken from the front page:

“Ronin Collective is back! With a new website,
a new compilation and new resident artists! Check it out!

“After more than 2 years of inactivity,
Ronin Collective is back, and we wanted to do a special release for our
return. Gama, a 24 track, 2hour compilation featuring Ronin members, guests
and friends perfectly defining the eclecticism behind the Ronin style. You’ll
find everything ronin has been and more; returning members deliver yet again
with a periphery of tones and styles from Blisaed’s guitar-hop, to Wiseman’s
folk-psychadelia, to Benefit of the Boomerang’s flaming jungle and V0idnull’s
goa epic. Also, two new official members to Ronin: recent guest-releaser
Fah offers two incredible tracks, a 12 minute acid track and a gorgeous
cinematic forray into analog ambient as outro to our comp, and Troupe, with
a delicate indie-tronic track. Last, we also have a few great guests on
the compil, including Nagz with his enchanting demo-breaks, Le Monsieur
Baguette’s naive melodies and glitchy love, Kevin Chow’s orchestral masterpiece,
Beatslaughter’s two contributions to the world of breakbeat and everything
in between. Ranging from ambient, to hip-hop, through idm and to harsh noise,
this compilation is a manifesto to our ideologies of creativity and individuality.”

Here is a direct link to the release’s page. Very nice!