zircon wins two prestigious music awards!

Our very own zircon has won “Best Techno Album,” and first AND third place in the “Best Techno Song” category of the 2006 Just Plain Folk Music Awards!!!
If you haven’t heard “Tomorrow” and “Acid Dominion” off his original
album, Impulse Prime, better get your hands on ’em.
This is perhaps the
most well known and prestigious of the indie music awards, focusing on
the talent up and coming artists. (He even beat out the guy that
composed the music for Command & Conquer! Can I get a what what?)

Congrats to yooooooouuuuuuuu!!!

Source: http://vgdj.net/ for Monday, November 2006

Humans and Gears, a Xenogears Rearrangement Project

That’s right! You’ve all been waiting for somebody to attempt it!
A Xenogears rearrangement project, and it’s still recruiting.
Minimum Track Limit: 20 Tracks
Maximum Track Limit: 30 Tracks
Tracks Taken: 14 Tracks

Head over to http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2672587#2672587 to comment on it, or, if you are feeling brave enough to attempt some Mitsuda, to join it.

We’re waitin’ for ya!

Shael Riley “Build Me Up Buttercup” Cover!

No joke, straight from the MySpace blog:

Foundations Cover?

I have recorded a Build Me Up Buttercup!

And hats off to Lobachevsky, who’s been in fine shape during my sabbatacle.
Trenthian and Router: I’ll be tracking down the instrumentals to
Balloon Flight and  Session so I can record my parts now. Assistance
would be appreciated! Sorry it took so long to get up and running
again, Guys.

Build me up, What?

New VGM Concerts

A concert series named ‘Passion’ will be playing December in Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore. They’ll be in Melbourne on the 9th and in Sydney on the 12th. Yasunori Mitsuda will be attending and performing. He’ll also tentatively be selling CDs of his work and providing autorgraphs. Hitoshi Sakimoto (composer of recent Final Fantasy games) will be there as well. All the details and ticket information can be found at Eminence Online. Let me know if you’re going, since I’d love to get pictures for the Chrono Compendium.