The WIP Report

Three users set off to create the next big remix. These are their stories.

*DUN DUN…..*
cornandbeans – Donkey Kong Country 3 (Untitled) – Ambient/big beat (

ahh, a style I can relate too. Starts off really smooth like, and yet you can still feel the energy of the drums. Then at :40 it busts into some block rockin’ beats. The drumkit itself could use a little more oomph, a little more bam. Really cool though, makes me want to pick up need for speed and start playing. Then moves into a breakdown section. A little simple, little minimal, especially coming from a high energized section of the song. It then goes back into the high energized part. Could benifit from changing up something in that part so it isn’t the same as the first part. The synth then moves up an octave and plays. Drums cut out and then it moves into the outtro. Lasts a bit too long in my opinion, could have been cut it shorter.

Overall, the song reminds me a lot of that scene from hackers, where Johnny Lee Millar is playing that arcade with Prodigy – Voodoo People playing in the background. This song has looooads of potential to be kick ass and fortunately he plans on updating the song in the future, so be sure to check it out.

mlo – Yoshi’s Island (Also Untitled) – ambient (

More ambiance? Awesome city!!! This starts off quiet. Really quiet. Really really quiet. Really really very very quiet. It slooooowly builds (still quite quietly though). Repeating the same pattern over and over again which isn’t really a bad thing, but it gets monotonus after the first minute and a half. It starts to then play (quietly I might add) what is probably the melody in a very warppy watery like synth which is quite nice. Still playing that intro pattern, with other ‘cave like’ sounds. Kinda breaks into a different pattern around 4 minutes in. I think it uses some ‘ahh’ sounds which sound very GMish, but again, it’s very very quiet. Drifts off into the end.

I quite like this song. You can’t go listening to ambient songs expecting lots and lots of things to happen. This song could be shorten down by 2 minutes at least though, and the volume NEEDS to be amplified. Because it’s such a true ambient song, I don’t think many people would enjoy having it on loop for hours and hours, but I think it makes for great background music.

underthesun – Super Mario Bros. (Untitled yet again) – some form of abstract? (

Time to help-a-n00b! In this mix, we have all the following ingrediants to make a n00b mix: FL default presents and drums, too much reverb and to top it all off, sounds used from the actual game. Really what hurts this (besides the obvious lack of musical knowledge) is the lack of direction. This mix really has no genre, no focus, nothing to make it unique. Really it sounds like a first attempt at using the sequencer.

We’ve all had our share at ‘first attempts’, we’ve all done that, So help-a-n00b out. Offer some advice, some tips, some help, and maybe you’ll find his/her next song on your playlist.