Featured Song: Terra’s Bad News

In the year 9595, a young robot named CHz participated in a music compo on an IRC channel. The theme, to create the fanfare music for a television or radio news broadcast. His challengers, many. This is the story of his triumph, tribulations, and the trouble with tribbles.

So yon CHz makes a song comprised entirely of Steve Carrel vocal clips
(“NEWS” and “rahdha dhadhe bhdbhr asdhiugri ahdahefr inregrua nenifee
vbinbe nbibbiiblbgf bblagh”) and a 10 note brass fanfare. Many people
were killed by the ensuing hurricane of ROFL. It was a sad day for
robot kind.

In order to commemorate those lost in the NEWS storm of 9595, Sadorf
the Grey, level 10 wizard from his parents basement, created a NEWS
memorial. His memorial came in the form of song. A Terra remix, to be
precise. A Terra remix, encompassing the original NEWS theme created by
the venerable CHz. The juxtaposition of quadratical equity formed the
foundation of hullabaloo for many transient years to expirate profusely.

In other words, CHz done made this here song for a compo, so sadorf
done took it and turned it into one of them there terra remixes so
theys could get it up on OverLooked ReMiX.