The WIP Report (Week III)



(Come 2 Daddy)
DJ Exotic – Super Mario Bros – ???? – U.S. Hardhouse

Ahh yes. Hardhouse. Just a couple of bpm shy of Gabber, and a few hunder bpm short of Speedcore. This song starts out with dem good ol distorted kick just banging away at your ear drums. Originally, I didn’t really like the sound. I was hoping for somethng with a little more bass, a little more bounce, a little more pump to it. This kick sounds like it’s running through a bad amp with too much gain. A bit of the SMB melody comes in and it doesn’t want to flow with the kicks at all. Very akward sounding. Enter various hats, they sound good. More panning can give everything a little more space. Now, the kick, the melody, the hats, this all repeats for about a minute, which many people will find pretty monotonous. It then turns into a little break session with the full SMB melody playing. Now, it sounds like the actual SMB song is being used because note for note, it sounds the same….sound for sound it sounds the same too, so I can’t give you much points on arrangement. After the break and the little build, it goes into this repeat session of the melody which again, sounds very akward. It doesn’t sound like it’s repeating with the proper tempo, so it sounds out of sync with everything. The whole hardhouse package comes back to join the melody pretty much till the end, then it cuts.

Overall, it sounds like you listen to the genre. It sounds like you’ve been listening to the genre for a long time. You know the genre, you know what should go in the genre, You know what hardhouse sounds like, etc. etc. However, I’m not sure you know much about remixing. Or I should say, video game remixing. If you go through the communities and you download various tracks, you’ll realize that it’s more then just taking the MP3 and laying a hardhouse beat onto it. There’s nothing wrong with remixing the MP3, but it doesn’t sound like you know exactly what you’re doing with it. So I suggest stick with making hardhouse original music because as I said, it sounds like you really know the genre. Try using MIDI files as your source instead of MP3s, that might help, and just keep at it.

about:blank – Earthworm Jim – Acrophobia – Experimental Breaks

Oh, I wanted to review this last week. I really wanted to. I had high hopes before he original submitted this to OCR. I really like the ideas in this song. I am rooting that this song does good!!! But I got really lazy last week, thus no update >__> . Anywhoo, onto the remix.

Starts off with a really soft fx/pad thing. Then enters nice acoustic guitars. Just playing oh so softly, nicely, quietly….really quietly…really really quietly. Why is everything so low?? The FX/Pad thing kinda just cuts off at 0:13, it’d be nicer if there was a delay out, or a fade out. Guitar keeps playing, still nice, still awesome sounding. The piano enters in kinda softly and low, then the next set of notes played are noticibly louder. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not but it kinda breaks from the nice and soft and awesome. Beat comes in and it really starts to go well together. Lovin the the stuttering. Now, the stuttering guitar at 1:20 doesn’t really suit me well. Of course, the stuttering is awesome, but the timing in which is playing sounds off. String rise and we start to enter some climatic action. The gain on the kick might be a little too much as when it really hit, it sorta cuts the strings from playing. 2:20 has a sort of pink floyd delay thing going there, which doesn’t sound bad, however the transition from that to the arpping synth doesn’t really fit well with me. It kinda sounds like you’re ending one song and starting another. (Lame suggestion = throw in an audio clip from like a 1970 movie in there =D ). The synth sounds nice, the strings sound nice, the piano sounds nice (although I do hear how the sustain is cut off rather suddenly on some notes). At 3:15 it enters another transition back into the main climax part of the song (lame suggestion = throw in an audio clip from like a 1970 movie in there =D ). The rest of the song sounds really awesome. I would have liked to see some panning on the stuttering to add more diamension to the song. The ending is very nice.

The song as a whole, is really really sweet if really basic and minimal. I love it though. I love the idea, I love the guitar, it’s a fresh and new change from the usual big beat/orch or trance remixes. And yes, I might be bias because I love this genre, I don’t care. My only real overall beef is that it’s too damn quiet!!! Beef up the sound!!!

gmk_corp – Super Mario World – ???? – Testing?

I…guess you can be my n00b for the week….I mean…you do have 10 posts and such…and no avatar =o . This song this short. Very short. Not even a minute and a half of my time. The first 2 seconds sound like this could be something amazing, then a drum and a kick enter which are noticble dry and very FL sounding. Those drums however, don’t last long. Different melody instrument and and different drum kit. For pretty much the entire song that’s the routine. Change the drums and lead instrument every couple of seconds while filtering or djing different parts.

This whole remix sounds like you are experimenting with the softwear you’re using which is totally cool. As a remix however, it’s pretty low on the listen board. There’s no real arrangement to speak of, it sounds pretty much the same as the original toon with different instruments and different drumkits. There is clipping when filtering is being done so watch out on that, and continue to learn to programs you’re using.

This mix was kinda cool though. It sounds like an early early wip of the dirty mix.