Featured Song: RedHeat Sonic Soundscapes – Kyria

As some of you may know, I have been on RedHeat’s jock for a long time, hailing him as our generation’s Vangelis. “Kyria” is a song which I have been sharing with many people in #OCReMix and other channels in the community, and is quite an example of what I feel should be featured.
Born in 1979, RedHeat, or m0d as he is known on The Mod Archive, is quite an excellent musician, having built his own studio in his home in the Netherlands. While he is not a professional musician (his day job is a unix administrator), RedHeat manages to compose complex progressions that take the listener on a journey that, while sometimes a little indulgent, remain exciting and fresh. Kyria is an excellent example of RedHeat’s ability to work in a genre that is underappreciated, keeping true to stylistic nuances of New Age while making it his own.

While RedHeat himself is not a part of the VGM Arrangement community, he has ties with the tracking scene, from which many prominent VGMA artists have come.

Download the track at: http://sonicsoundscapes.com (please note
that I respect m0d, and will NOT direct link to his music hosted on his