Forgotten Favorites: Faxanadu

Many nights have I dreamt of the day I may finally ascend to the top of the World Tree to defeat the dwarven hoard, only to wake up the next morning wishing I hadn’t spent the last of my gold on the Death spell. While maybe not everyone has enjoyed this fun, although somewhat clichéd platformer, it is one that shouldn’t be totally “forgotten.”
Faxanadu was liscenced by Falcom, as a side-game in their Xanadu series, and was developed and released by Hudson Soft. In the game, the unnamed Hero returns to his home village to find that the dwarves have invaded, and nearly everyone has already either attempted to ascend the World Tree or had fled. Upon his return, the King of the Elves grants him 1500 golds to prepare for his journey to save the world from certain doom.

As our hero, you must defeat hideous dwarven monsters, solve riddles involving keys, mattocks, and pegasi boots, and buy an impressive arsenal of weapons, armours and magics! You are our final hope!

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