Remix64 Remixer Of The Year 2006 results in!

lman writes:
“During the ROTY 2006 show hosted by The Dutchies, the winners of the
Remixer Of The Year 2006 awards have been announced. Sebastian
Bachliñski alias moog won
a stunning 3 awards, that’s “Best c64 Remix”, “Best Newcomer” with a
tremendous majority, and the main award “Remixer Of The Year”, with
Dejan Subotin alias dafunk coming in a close second.”

“Last year’s big winner Makke won #1 for “Best Veteran”.

“Firefox’s “Sleepwalk” was voted for best Amiga remix.

“In the categoryRadio Personality Of The Year” Ziphoid managed to supersede Boz, who came in second this time.

“Please check out the full list, more winners there! Congratulations everyone! :-D

“Thanks go to the Dutchies for making a fantastic ROTY show, to the
staff for the voting analyses, and of course to all Remix64 voters as
well as the remixers, composers, radio hosts and everyone I forgot
who’re making it all possible. You’re a great community!!!”