Featured… Artist?! uncleBen of the Mod_Shrine

Ok, so you’re probably like ‘hey, where is Garian and his weekly ‘featured song?’ Well, I haven’t forgotten about you guys, but Rama had some ideas for this last week’s featured song, but never posted it, so I’m taking this time to feature my friend uncleBen as a ThaSauce featured artist. His style is quite chaotic, ranging from zombie spliff raggae to circus jazz to classic democheese, and he has at least one song you’ll fall in love with, if not many. His weapon of choice is MODPlug tracker, but not all of his modules will work in other players (sometimes not even in XMPlay!!!). He is quite notorious for breaking the standard WinAmp module loader, so please, please, PLEASE have Bass.dll (located here) installed in your WinAmp if you’re too lazy to use MODPlug Tracker/Player.
Hopefully Ben will appreciate my efforts to share his music. You can grab the tunes he has publicly released on the modarchive for free. He is also quite interested in working in indie video game music composition, so if that is your bag, give him an email, or come get ahold of him on irc.esper.net, in #mod_shrine and #modarchive.

My personal favourites are Esperanto Anthem and Pineapple Popsicle (the former because I did a semi-ripoff of the bassline in an all gear compo, the latter because I have been working on doing a vocal vocal mixdown with my own original lyrics).