XOC and his NES Paul featured on MTV.com!

Yes, that’s right. Remember XOC and his crazy NES guitar? Well, MTV got wind of it, and thought it was cool enough to post an interview with him on their site. XOC made a bulletin on MySpace about the interview, which is how I found out about it. He doesn’t really say anything about it himself, though the full interview is available here, along with a picture of him and his crazy hair. And of course, the NES Paul.

FX3 released on 8bitpeoples.com

Our good friend and composer extraordinaire Jake “virt” Kaufman has recently released his long atincipated FX3 on 8bitpeoples.com.

For those who don’t know, virt is an extreme chiptune
enthusiast, having already released two releases on monotonik called FX
and FX2, which were his first two releases of original chiptune music.
FX3 is beyond awesome. You HAVE to download it and listen for yourself… otherwise the world will end and all of your childhood dreams will fade.

Moment of Truth: the 3:45 mark of Survivors, Jake phrases a famous song by a very famous left handed guitarist.

FX3 on 8bitpeoples
FX2 on Monotonik
FX on Monotonik

Acclaim wants YOU!

Press release from Acclaim Games:

Acclaim Games and video game
industry superstar David Perry have partnered to present the
ground-breaking “Top Secret” project. In this project, players actually
get an opportunity to participate in the entire video game
development process from start to finish.

In an unprecedented move for the game industry, these players will be
given a chance to have their work featured in a massively multiplayer PC
game that will be published by Acclaim and directed by David Perry.
Perry will choose a winner from the contributors, and Acclaim will be
giving them a breath-taking prize,
‘A Video Game Industry Directorship’, working on a new fully-funded
massively multiplayer online PC game. David Perry will be their
Executive Producer to help them as needed on their game, and once they
complete their project, they will even earn royalties from the game

“I’ve always loved the idea that someone, from their
bedroom, reveals their passion and talent, then suddenly can have an
absolutely stunning career explosion, becoming a famous Game Director
with a pre-built fan base. We’re going to make it happen!”
says David Perry who is a Game Director and Chief Creative Officer for Acclaim Games.

David Perry will be building the new online game from scratch and is offering members of the Acclaim player community a rare opportunity to help him develop this video
game in a collaborative effort with some of the industry’s best talent.
“We will bring in some surprise guests along the way to inspire and
mentor the contributors,” says Perry.

One lucky winner who shines the most during the development process will be given the top prize. “This is the only chance I know of to jumpstart a directorship career in the video game industry,” continues Perry.
“Everyone wins. They get to learn how to make professional games, and
if they get anything in, they get a real professional credit on their
resume.” Perry finishes, “But, if they win, well then they get their
life changed.”

Interestingly, applicants don’t need any prior game development
experience. In fact, Perry refuses to look at resumes. “We only care
about the pure, focused, passionate talent they show up with,” he says.

“Top Secret is like ‘The Apprentice’ meets ‘American
Idol’ meets ‘The Video Game Industry’. We’re giving our players a
chance to work on an online game that we will actually develop and
publish. Our community really loves these games and knows what it takes
to make a hit. And it will be a dream come true for one lucky star that
shines the most throughout the project,”
says Acclaim CEO Howard Marks.

This is a first-of-its-kind project from the new Acclaim, a resurrected
company with a very well known name. The new Acclaim will focus
entirely on providing quality multiplayer online games
for free. The games will be supported with a mix of advertising and
virtual item stores. Acclaim has already partnered with IGA Worldwide
to provide in-game advertising for its other online game titles.

The entry period will be limited, and so will the number of people
allowed in to see the project, so sign up now to become a team member
on Top Secret. To register for a free account and find out more about
Top Secret, visit http://topsecret.acclaim.com.

Found on Gaming.hexus.net.

Need Hosting? MusicV2.com is offering lifetime memberships

I just found this email sitting in the inbox of my spam address (djpoachedeggs at yahoo.com), from Chris, the founder and maintainer of MusicV2.com:

Hello All!

I just wanted to shoot out a quick email to let
everyone know that we are currently running a Lifetime Membership
promotion in which Lifetime memberships can be purchased for only $30!

Unlike previous promotions of it’s kind however, this offer is
available to both new and current members. If you would like to do so,
you can convert your current Musicv2.com
account to a Lifetime membership and never have to worry about making a
payment again. All it takes is one payment, one time and your set for

To take advantage of this offer, please follow the instructions below:

1.) Submit payment through the normal Musicv2.com sign-up page:

http://www.musicv2.com/register.mv2 (it is not necessary to fill out the sign-up form)

2.) After payment is made, rather than creating a new account, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

Your Musicv2 Artist Name:

Your Musicv2 Artist URL:

Original Billing Email Address: (this is the email address used when you made your original payment)

First and Last Name:

New Payment ID: (this is the transaction ID you will receive after making payment)

Once payment is made and I receive the above information I will
cancel any active billing associated with your account, update your
current account to reflect your new status and send an email confirming
the update.

If you have any questions or need help with anything listed above, let me know.




I suggest you jump on this deal, Rama and I have been MusicV2 users since 2003, and their service has been improving exponentially over the past few years. There are even options to sell your tunes for donations, if you’re cocky enough to try that. Cheers!

Associated Press: Bit Torrent to sell movie, TV downloads

(AP) — BitTorrent Inc., makers of a technology often used to trade
pirated copies of Hollywood movies, is launching a Web site that will
sell downloads of films and TV shows licensed from the studios.

The BitTorrent Entertainment Network was set to launch Monday with
films from Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox,
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lionsgate and episodes of TV shows such as “24”
and “Punk’d.”

The service is squarely aimed at young men and boys who regularly use
BitTorrent to trade pirated versions of the same films and who more
often watch such files on their computer instead of on a big screen TV
in the living room.

The San Francisco-based company is betting that at least one-third
of the 135 million people who have downloaded the BitTorrent software
will be willing to pay for high-quality legitimate content rather than
take their chances with pirated fare.

“The vast majority of our audience just loves digital content,”
Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent, told The
Associated Press. “Now we have to program for that audience and create
a better experience for that content so the audience converts to the
service that makes the studios money.”

Reported by the Assoc. Press, found on http://www.physorg.com.

European PS3 to be less compatible with PS2 games

From GameSpot:

“The European PS3s will be designed differently, meaning that a “new combination of hardware and software emulation” will enable the new PS3s to be compatible with only a “limited range” of PS2 titles and a “broad range” of original PlayStation games.”
“A Sony spokesperson told Reuters that “the backwards compatibility is not going to be as good as the US and Japan models.”

The article goes on to state that the emphasis is on creating new titles with the technology rather than spending resources on ensuring perfect compatibility. Firmware updates are expected to correct some issues.

Read the original article here.

MAGFest Promo tour coming to a town near you!

Brendan posted this recently on Facebook:

So, last year I had a revelation: “Let’s go on a roadtrip and promote MAGFest!” But, I was a bum (I guess I still am) and we couldn’t pull it off. But damnit, I can now! So, I did a handful of planning and mapping and phonecalls and talking and stuff.
At last, a car has departed today from my house containing myself, my housemate Ogre, and Wire, the guitarist from swedish videogame coverband Game Over (who as a bonus has never been to the states). Our mission is to bring MAGFest in the form of videogames, rocking out, partying, and, well, driving to a bunch of those folks that traveled from all over the country to come to our wonderful event.

Our map is here: http://tinyurl.com/2h5hp6

If you’re at or near any of our stops, we’d love to do whatever. We *probably* can’t add any stops but if you can get to where we’re at, that’s best. I have unlimited text, data, nights+weekends, and a ton of minutes, so just poke my cellphone (aim cellgreenzebra) anytime, it doesn’t roam.

What we’re asking all our stops for is some food and a spot on the floor to sleep, but 7500 miles isn’t exactly a short trip so if anyone flings us even a few bucks for gas or an oil change (use the MAGFest donation button if you want), you rock.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!
–tGz via hiptop

Game Designers out of touch with Minorities

In a recent blog post on the Black Voice News website, Richard O. Jones expressed concern about the trend in video game design to make characters who of racial minority (most notably black and Latino characters) either criminals or helpless victims who die easily. Mr. Jones’ arguement is that prolonged exposure to these stimuli lead minority youths to get the impression that their life should mirror that of what the media sells them, leading to more violence and crime.
Mr. Jones defended his claim with studies by psychologists.

From the blog:
“‘If Blacks and Latinos are always portrayed as the villains, or as the
victims who get killed often and easily, that is code for
powerlessness,’ said Kansas State University psychologist John Murray,
who’s studied violence and stereotypes in the media for the past 30
years. ‘These image persist because too few minorities are in the
industry. Roughly 80% of video game programmers are white, about four
percent of designers are Latino, and less than three percent are Black
according to preliminary results of an International Game Developers
Association survey. Some in the industry believe race in games is a
serious issue that has been ignored for too long. The video industry
claims that educated, young white males create games for other
educated, young white males and not minorities. Regardless, games are
an expressive medium. They are an art form, just like movies, theater
and literature. We’re seeing, to a large extent, that the games that
are being designed unconsciously include the biases, opinions and
reflections of their creators.'”

Mr. Jones is careful to note that while the medium is a form of art, it is also a consumer commodity that is driven by money.

sources: gamepro.com, black voice news

Nintendo’s Wii Invades Retirement Communities

Nintendo’s Wii is more than just a next-generation video games machine… it’s a hit with the greatest generation, too. After taking the Wii to a reluctant AARP convention, the Sedgebrook retirement home in Lincolnshire, Illinois has had a console set up in their lounge.
So far, the big hit among septagenarians is Wii Bowling; many of the new group of elderly gamers have bowled their entire lives, and now they’re granted a chance to compete again, in a way that allows for tournaments spanning the globe… without the ten pound balls. The real selling point for many, though, is the realism the Wiimote grants them, says Don Hahn, a 76 year old bowling veteran:
“This is pretty realistic. You can even put English on the ball.”

sources: DailyTech, Chicago Tribune

Ubisoft releases TMNT Demo!

Ubi-Soft, the company that resurrected the Prince of Persia franchise, has released a playable demo of the new Ninja Turtles game for download. In the demo, players are allowed to perform acrobatic stunts on the rooftops of New York City, beat up baddies, and learn new co-op maneuvers to aide in the pursuit of the evil that lurks in the shadows.
The video game will be released for retail sales March 20th, a mere three days before a brand new CGI TMNT movie is slated to be released.

For more information about the game, check the GameZone.

source: http://pc.gamezone.com/news/02_21_07_12_13PM.htm