MAGFest Promo tour coming to a town near you!

Brendan posted this recently on Facebook:

So, last year I had a revelation: “Let’s go on a roadtrip and promote MAGFest!” But, I was a bum (I guess I still am) and we couldn’t pull it off. But damnit, I can now! So, I did a handful of planning and mapping and phonecalls and talking and stuff.
At last, a car has departed today from my house containing myself, my housemate Ogre, and Wire, the guitarist from swedish videogame coverband Game Over (who as a bonus has never been to the states). Our mission is to bring MAGFest in the form of videogames, rocking out, partying, and, well, driving to a bunch of those folks that traveled from all over the country to come to our wonderful event.

Our map is here:

If you’re at or near any of our stops, we’d love to do whatever. We *probably* can’t add any stops but if you can get to where we’re at, that’s best. I have unlimited text, data, nights+weekends, and a ton of minutes, so just poke my cellphone (aim cellgreenzebra) anytime, it doesn’t roam.

What we’re asking all our stops for is some food and a spot on the floor to sleep, but 7500 miles isn’t exactly a short trip so if anyone flings us even a few bucks for gas or an oil change (use the MAGFest donation button if you want), you rock.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!
–tGz via hiptop