Need Hosting? is offering lifetime memberships

I just found this email sitting in the inbox of my spam address (djpoachedeggs at, from Chris, the founder and maintainer of

Hello All!

I just wanted to shoot out a quick email to let
everyone know that we are currently running a Lifetime Membership
promotion in which Lifetime memberships can be purchased for only $30!

Unlike previous promotions of it’s kind however, this offer is
available to both new and current members. If you would like to do so,
you can convert your current
account to a Lifetime membership and never have to worry about making a
payment again. All it takes is one payment, one time and your set for

To take advantage of this offer, please follow the instructions below:

1.) Submit payment through the normal sign-up page: (it is not necessary to fill out the sign-up form)

2.) After payment is made, rather than creating a new account, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

Your Musicv2 Artist Name:

Your Musicv2 Artist URL:

Original Billing Email Address: (this is the email address used when you made your original payment)

First and Last Name:

New Payment ID: (this is the transaction ID you will receive after making payment)

Once payment is made and I receive the above information I will
cancel any active billing associated with your account, update your
current account to reflect your new status and send an email confirming
the update.

If you have any questions or need help with anything listed above, let me know.



I suggest you jump on this deal, Rama and I have been MusicV2 users since 2003, and their service has been improving exponentially over the past few years. There are even options to sell your tunes for donations, if you’re cocky enough to try that. Cheers!