30 Days with Linux (HardOCP)

Brian Boyko and HardOCP have published 30 Days with Linux, a detailed look at the viability of Ubuntu Linux being an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Vista. Boyko decided that the frustrations of using Vista along with the “Switch to Linux” mantra were enough to try a simple project, use nothing but Linux for a month. He chose Ubuntu linux because it is hailed as “Linux for People,” and he wanted the most stable distribution to test.

UPDATE: Finally able to finish reading the editorial, and have the final word.
I’m not going to digest everything for you right now, HardOCP is experiencing the Slashdot effect. Sorry guys.

I would like to suggest you give it a read (hopefully the website will be viewable again soon), there are quite a few moments where Boyko gives a good laugh based user ineptitude (even a power user makes mistakes!).

I’ll edit in the final verdict when I’m able to access the webpage again, maybe you’ll have better luck!

The editorial at Consumer.HardOCP.com


Boyko reported that while he liked how highly configurable most things were, he had a few reservations about using kino (a video authoring program) and the fact that there are no softwares able to compete with Sony ACID or Apple’s GarageBand.  He also felt that while GIMP was phenomenal, it is simply not near the level to make it a replacement for Photoshop.  In spite of all of this, though, he has decided to stick with the 32-bit Ubuntu (the 64-bit version has many more problems being a newer technology, there isn’t as much support for it yet).  He decided that at the time, though, Ubuntu was not quite ready for the mass market, although it does look like it will be spreading at a faster rate among power users who  have the determination to stick with Linux and increased frustration towards Microsoft.