Ubisoft considers introductory Music Composition for Games course

Ubisoft’s Ubisoft Campus endeavor in the Montreal, Quebec, has over the past year been seeking to add VG Music Composition as a course. Ubisoft Campus is not a traditional campus, but a network of existing local schools networked together by funding from the game company. The company is looking to expand it’s educational program which primarily focuses on design and development.
The big hitch, however, is that the college with whom Ubisoft is talking with, McGill University, has stated that they will not fund the program, that all of the funds must come from the company, or possibly the Computer Science department should pony up some money. The basis for this is that the students coming into the courses will not be students in the music program, money spent on it would drain the department without putting anything back into it. Many of the details at this point are sketchy at this point, though it does look like the company is going to try to get the program going. The Associate Dean of the music program, Bruce Minorgan stated “We may be reviewing the contract…[but] I cannot give a definite schedule.”

From the McGill University Student Paper, The McGill Daily