DOSBox 0.70 Released

The fine folks who put their blood, sweat and tears into creating the famous DOS emulator have recently released a new version! It has been a bit of a wait for this new release but lots of stuff has been added in this installment. If you find you can’t enjoy those old DOS classics on your computer, then this just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.
(taken from DOSBox official website)

  • Speed up the dynamic cpu core (certain games get much faster).
  • Added a dynamic fpu on x86 hosts.
  • Improved the cycle guessing code (and make it default).
  • Better and more configurable joystick support.
  • Improved the image and fat drives.
  • Added nullmodem emulation.
  • Various win 3.x enhanchments (video/audio/ems/win32s).
  • Improved CDROM detection and support.
  • Speed up the screen drawing code.
  • Added support for different keyboard layouts.
  • Various fixes to the (C/E/V)GA emulation.
  • Extended and improved all types of emulated memory. (umb/ems/xms)
  • Dynamic core should work on Intel Macs.
  • Various timer related fixes.
  • Added a few more graphic scalers.

Some default settings have been changed in this one so be sure to update your configfiles and read the readme.

Check it out here!