Beatdrop Releases

Dain sent out a bulletin yesterday announcing the release of his new
original double album “In the Dark.” You can download it fo freeeeeeeez
but remember to support your favy independant artists!!
Hey folks. As promised, it’s April 1st. So here’s the album.

Download Disc 1

Tracklist for Disc 1:

1.) Lights Out
2.) Mantra
3.) Smoke
4.) Unrest (feat. Chris Serani)
5.) Freefall
6.) Energy Burst
7.) Afterburner
8.) Sensation of Space
9.) Trip the Breaker
10.) Epiphany
11.) Phase 1
12.) Tinderbox
13.) Here Stand We Who Defy Gravity
14.) Azure
15.) Until Forever

Download Disc 2

Tracklist for Disc 2:

1.) Guilty
2.) Heterodyne Principle
3.) Together / Set To Flame / Hyperion
4.) I Dream of Killing
5.) crush&EXPAND
6.) Mantra (Stompin Edit)
7.) Yume no Kage
8.) Trip The Breaker (Broken Mix)
9.) Eternalizer
10.) Trigger Finger
11.) Style Free
12.) Ransom Rath vs. Beatdrop – Trip The Breaker
13.) When Last Alone
14.) Decimation By Decibels

Enjoy. And obviously, if you enjoy it and think it’s worth some money,
I would appreciate donations to help me pay some bills. You can donate
by Paypal-ing some cash to [email protected].