pixietricks to sing on Civ IV Expansion OST

zircon wrote on OCR:

Time to add another person to the list of OCR community members going pro!! Our very own judge, remixer, and event coordinator pixietricks (Jill Goldin) is slated to sing on the soundtrack of the Civilization IV expansion pack,
“Beyond the Sword”. Jill was one of only two sopranos to be selected
for this gig. The composer, Christopher Tin, took home two awards at
Game Developers Conference, including “Best Original Choral
Composition” awarded by the Game Audio Network Guild – in other words,
this guy set the talent bar pretty high!
Civ IV itself has won virtually every award imaginable such as “Best
Strategy Game” and “Game of the Year” from a host of different websites
and publications, making it one of the most high-profile PC games
around. No doubt the expansion will receive as much critical acclaim.

Congratulations, Jill! Today, Civ IV, tomorrow, Final Fantasy XIII?