Timbaland Interview ReMix Project

[17:24] <@zircon> Remix magazine interviewed Timbaland
[17:24] <@zircon> front page feature
[17:24] <@Ramaniscence> LOL
[17:24] <+Suzumebachi> fuck
[17:24] oh dear god
[17:25] <@Ramaniscence> Did that ask him about THE ISSUE?
[17:25] <+Suzumebachi> did they mention the fact that he’s a dirty thief?
[17:25] <@zircon> nope
[17:25] <+Suzumebachi> fucking terrible
[17:25] <@zircon> lots of ego pictures of him
[17:25] * +Suzumebachi loses respect for remix magazine
[17:25] <@zircon> like “I’m a genius producer”
[17:25] <@zircon> “no one appreciates Timbaland’s genius”
[17:25] <@zircon> “the #1 producer in hip hop”
[17:26] “omg u r teh awesum, wut r ur secruts?” type interview?
So Timbaland’s head is growing to gargantuan proportions of late…and people just keep feeding him.

In an interview on the local morning show a month or so ago he had THIS to say:

“I read a lot of magazines say umm… timbaland a hip hop producer, i’m
like NO. wrong. i’m a music COMPOSER. like uhh, uhh, amadeus or
something. like a mozart. you see i’m just… one of the greats.”

I’m not kidding you, here’s the audio:


This has GOT to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard,
especially on the heels of a controversy like this. I think it’s time
someone takes him down a peg.

WHICH is why I propose we have a remix contest. Remixing the above
provided quote. When it’s all said and done we can make an album out of
it =P.

Here are some of the contributions we’ve gotten already:
The Greatest