Sauce Digest: April Hovercraft

So as you might’ve noticed over the last month or so, we’ve been changing things (again). A lot of the changes came “out” today, including the navigation blocks on the left. To ensure that the new features get used to the fullest extent, I’m going to give a mini-tour of the changes.

First off, the navigation and forums blocks. If you hover over a line with a → on it, a pop-out will appear. We’re going to expand the lower part to have full site navigation. The biggest advantage of the location of these blocks is that the links are available from any page on ThaSauce, except for subsites like R:TS and the forums.

Now, these pop-outs may look a little ‘broken’. That’s because they’re meant for the new theme, which you can change to already (just go to your account options and pick the TwoPointOh theme). This new fixed-width layout works in 1024×768 resolution and still has room to breathe. If you look at an article in the new theme, you’ll notice it’s broken into columns. This is one of the features that isn’t complete yet. In addition to columns, longer articles will be broken into pages for easier reading.

Notice those last two sections under the News block? Music Links and Videos are two new “topics” that can be selected when submitting a story. However, they aren’t intended to be used in that way. Check the appropriate boxes in the “associated topics” section when submitting a music link or video and it will appear in the appropriate section. We’re also going to add a few more sections in the near future, for games, pictures, and links, as well as a multimedia portal where you can view this content in a convenient fashion.

A bit of a note: you’ll notice that embedded videos tend to be messed up in the two-column format; this is another thing we’re ironing out before officially rolling it out. While viewing the site over the next few weeks, bear in mind that things may look broken under the old skin since we aren’t designing the new parts of the site to work with it.

ThaSauce is still looking for writers! While the changes in the site will allow a wider range of media to be submitted, we still need good old-fashioned articles as the core of the site’s content. If you can’t think of anything to write about, visit #thasauce on, and we’ll give you ideas.

ThaSauce: We’re coders, not writers.