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So I was browsing our lovely, and incredibly convient, Multi-headlines module, when I saw that Shael had made up update on his MySpace blog (which is often quite fruitful). I headed on over to the MS and found that it was an AUDIO BLOG of Shael’s day. Nothing out of the ordinary, of course. Sleeping in, playing video games, making music, Taco Bell, and Grindhouse…but then again it is Shael Riley so you’ll find it’s ANYTHING but ordinary. You owe it to yourself to listen to this.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Audio Blog – Episode One: We are Brothers

Audio Blog – Episode One: We are Brothers

Friday, April 13th 2007, at 6:45pm.

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pixietricks to sing on Civ IV Expansion OST

zircon wrote on OCR:

Time to add another person to the list of OCR community members going pro!! Our very own judge, remixer, and event coordinator pixietricks (Jill Goldin) is slated to sing on the soundtrack of the Civilization IV expansion pack,
“Beyond the Sword”. Jill was one of only two sopranos to be selected
for this gig. The composer, Christopher Tin, took home two awards at
Game Developers Conference, including “Best Original Choral
Composition” awarded by the Game Audio Network Guild – in other words,
this guy set the talent bar pretty high!
Civ IV itself has won virtually every award imaginable such as “Best
Strategy Game” and “Game of the Year” from a host of different websites
and publications, making it one of the most high-profile PC games
around. No doubt the expansion will receive as much critical acclaim.

Congratulations, Jill! Today, Civ IV, tomorrow, Final Fantasy XIII?

Video Games Live Meetup Announcement

This was just posted on OverClocked ReMix not too long ago today by big giant circles. A meetup for the Washington DC Video Games Live concert, on June 29th and 30th, is being put together as we speak. According to Liontamer, there are group ticket sales for 20 or more in a group. If you are able to attend this meetup, post in the thread over at OCR’s Community Forums by following this link.
Also, if you cannot get there via that link, or are having problems,
here’s the full URL of the link that you may copy and paste it:

Disabled Gamers: We want to play, too!

For a nation that promotes equal accessability in nearly every aspect of modern life, the United States is severely lacking in one aspect: Handicapped accessable gaming. The blind, the deaf, and para/quadriplegics have few choices when it comes to gaming. So much so that the standard “disabled friendly” game is a boring “happy, fluffy” game. What the balls is this?!

So read this Chicago Tribune article and let me know what you think.


Starsiege: 2845 Project Cancelled

“Let me preface this by saying this is NOT a late April fools day joke.

After much discussion with various people on the staff, and
looking at potential timelines and where we currently are, Tsa and I
(being the primary legal agreement contacts with VU) have made the
difficult decision that it’s time to put a bullet in this project and
move on. This month (April) will mark 4 solid years of time and
substantial monetary investment that he and I and a bunch of other
people have into the project, and as we’re looking at at least
another years worth of development with questionable outcome, we’ve
decided the game has reached the point of diminishing returns and it’s
time to say good night gracie.”

Full announcement here.

For those unaware this project even existed, Starsiege: 2845 was going to be the direct sequel to Starsiege, the third game in an underdog mech sim series called Earthsiege. Most gamers will likely recognize the spinoff series “Tribes.” While the Earthsiege games are not as popular as Battletech/MechWarrior, it still has a handful of devoted followers, enough to start a grand project like 2845. The Alpha Tech Release [ATR] was released on October 18, 2006, and is available to download for free. There are a handful of maps and vehicles to pilot, including a fullly-functional flyer. The ATR was also notably of professional caliber, unlike numerous fanmade game projects found elsewhere on the Internet.

Anyone interested in playing the ATR will find the download here. It’s still just an Alpha so there will be a few bugs, but personally I didn’t have many crashes when I ran the game.

Beatdrop Releases

Dain sent out a bulletin yesterday announcing the release of his new
original double album “In the Dark.” You can download it fo freeeeeeeez
but remember to support your favy independant artists!!
Hey folks. As promised, it’s April 1st. So here’s the album.

Download Disc 1

Tracklist for Disc 1:

1.) Lights Out
2.) Mantra
3.) Smoke
4.) Unrest (feat. Chris Serani)
5.) Freefall
6.) Energy Burst
7.) Afterburner
8.) Sensation of Space
9.) Trip the Breaker
10.) Epiphany
11.) Phase 1
12.) Tinderbox
13.) Here Stand We Who Defy Gravity
14.) Azure
15.) Until Forever

Download Disc 2

Tracklist for Disc 2:

1.) Guilty
2.) Heterodyne Principle
3.) Together / Set To Flame / Hyperion
4.) I Dream of Killing
5.) crush&EXPAND
6.) Mantra (Stompin Edit)
7.) Yume no Kage
8.) Trip The Breaker (Broken Mix)
9.) Eternalizer
10.) Trigger Finger
11.) Style Free
12.) Ransom Rath vs. Beatdrop – Trip The Breaker
13.) When Last Alone
14.) Decimation By Decibels

Enjoy. And obviously, if you enjoy it and think it’s worth some money,
I would appreciate donations to help me pay some bills. You can donate
by Paypal-ing some cash to [email protected].

OverClocked ReMix releases ReCapitated — IceCap Arrangement Project

FAIRFAX, Va.–-OverClocked ReMix ( is proud to announce the release of ReCapitated, a freely distributed unofficial game music arrangement album available at
The album features multiple arrangements of the classic Ice Cap Zone
theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, originally published by Sega for the
Sega Genesis 16-bit video game console.
The project, in progress since January 24th, 2004, represents the
combined contributions of many different artists in the game remixing
community. ReCapitated is the ninth album project released by
OverClocked ReMix, a site dedicated to the preservation and
appreciation of video game music through rearrangement and
reinterpretation. Other album projects have included Super Street
Fighter 2, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, and Donkey Kong Country; a
full list is available at