White Bird Album Released

White Bird is an album that I’ve been working on for a little over 2 months. It’s been slow-going because of how busy I’ve been at home and at work, but it’s finally done. At 58 minutes and 42 seconds, it’s a near-full-length album, though it only has 10 tracks (2 bonus included).

White Bird
illustrationism, 2007

This album contains 2 older songs that I decided mid-way to include: Falling Stars, and Dreams We Forget. This album also contains 2 “bonus” tracks, Sleeping Giants and Distant Lands, which are not publicly available for download, and may only be found in the album download.

album is comprised of mostly piano solo music with some contemporary
jazz and light string sections sprinkled throughout. The songs range
from chill out lounge music to soft, easy-listening piano, and include
both newer and older piano pieces.

The inspiration behind this
album was, of course, the journey of a small white bird. However, what
many people may not have caught was that it wasn’t literally about this
white bird, though a lot of the inspiration came from the idea. The
white bird is symbolic for any given person who starts out small on a
journey through this large world. This album is about the experiences
that person has, from nervously but bravely starting their journey, to
meeting new friends, to seeing new and wonderful things, to arriving
back home.

As always, enjoy!

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