virt Composes Contra 4; Still Working on VGMix3

On the OverClocked ReMix forums today, Jake “virt” Kaufman posted this little nugget of joy regarding the upcoming Nintendo DS game Contra 4:

Yep! I did music and sound design. I couldn’t confirm it until Mr. Bozon outed me himself, and I’m REALLY glad he did. I was worried that they’d think I violated my NDA if word got to them that people knew I was involved, even though I didn’t spill it.

(and yeah, it’s a big reason VGMix 3 isn’t done yet – my freelancing is sucking up TONS of time.. Gonna have to start snorting meth and/or build a flux capacitor. But this is a big chunk of time freed up, anyway.)

virt’s music is influenced by that of old Konami games and shows powerfully in his chiptune works like FX3, so his soundtrack should fit the Contra feel very well. Even better news is that VGMix3 has not been abandoned. Hopefully he’ll be able to devote more time to its development now that the Contra 4 soundtrack has been finished.