The Simpsons Competition

Have you ever loved those pinks donuts so much? Simpsons has always
been one of the top shows in America, I salute the Simpsons for the
unrivaled humor and creative plotlines. This show has been around for
around 18 years (had a short in 1987 and developed into a real show 3
seasons later). Personally, I would have to say my favorite character
is probably the same as everyone else – Homer. With his lack of
intellect, and inability to lead a family or even hold onto a job – he
makes every man not only able to point and laugh, but makes us feel
that there is a lower man out there.

Anyways – this competition is as follows – All submissions are to be in
this coming Sunday (August 5th). You can remix any song from this
series (there are 53, I have the entire archive, not hard to find imo)
and of course I recommend the theme song. All submissions will be sent
to me and I’ll assign a few people to listen and judge (we’ll combine
the scores at the end).

Let me know if you plan on either participating with a remix or if you are interested in judging.

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