ThaSauce: 2.0

We’re finally live. It’s not as drastic a change as I would’ve liked, but only because we’ve slowly rolled in these features over the last 6 months or so. Drastically new are the Tags module, which lets you tag any story, and the new front page, which is more news-site-ish. As you can see below we’re still adding some dynamic multimedia content, and we’re also tweaking the theme to fit the new features.
Coming up soon we’ll have new userpages, finally finish the forums-based comments system, clean up the news submission process (the one thing I haven’t touched at ALL, because the existing code is the worst thing imaginable) and hopefully find a way to get Multiheadlines up again (which isn’t able to update due to a change in the server config made by the host, which we can’t override).

The Feedback forum is now open for news discussion as well, so you can put ideas and questions about news stories there. I’ve also put up some News Style Guidelines.

So, get out there and tag some articles.