PAX: Penny Arcade Expo!

Well, it’s that time of year once again. The Penny Arcade Expo, which has been running since 2004, and doubling in size each year, is once again coming to downtown Seattle, Washington this month. The dates are August 24th through the 26th.

PAX is an expo for gamers. The festival features tabletop games of all kinds, LAN (you must pre-register to obtain a space, see the FAQs on the PAX web site for more information), a freeplay game area, and much more. It’s basically gamers’ heaven!
Also, PAX has concerts, panels, parties, and lots of other special events such as the Omegathon. What is this Omegathon? It’s a three day elimination tournament with games of all kinds from tabletop, PC and console. The field of competitors is chosen from people who pre-order PAX passes (a total of 20 competitors). At the end, on the final day of PAX, the competitors play a final game (from the first year it was PONG, the second year it was Atari’s Combat and last year it was Tetris), and there’s a huge prize waiting at the end for the winner. Last year’s prizes were a Scion with a custom rim and paint package, a sound system package, LCD screens, and an Xbox 360.

This year looks to be their largest year EVER! So if you’re in the area, or just interested in going for the concerts and panels, go here to register. Don’t forget, it’s coming soon!