Free Shit: Evoke Tracks, Sakari Infinity Redesign, SGX, Creepy Simon

It’s Sunday night, let’s get some LINKS! The last week has unfortunately been kind of… weak, but there’s still a bit of material to share.
This weekend, a demoparty in Germany, Evoke happened. A bunch of my Renoiser friends went [read here] and had a blast. I’ll have to wait for MAGFest for something like this, but there were plenty of compos with plenty of great stuff. In the thread on the Renoise board, there’s links popping up to songs made by the crew that attended.

dblue – tehvoke!
Yes, that dblue. I don’t hear Glitch used anywhere though. A pretty cool SID-like dance tune, with good energy, deep bass, and sexy lead. Also a speak n spell. Reminds me of Machinae Supremacy without the metal :3

keith303 – myanmar
This is an AWESOME drum n bass track. “the vocals originate from a three second indian chanting snipped which is totally copyrightless and got alienated to the max. wink.gif as the party crowd didn’t seem to enjoy this very much, maybe you or somebody else can.” I dunno why the hell the party crowd wouldn’t enjoy this, I certainly am. This is the kind of sound you’d expect from a pro – awesome synths, sounds, and good mixing.

That’s all for the Evoke music for now. I might have more music from this event in next week’s post.

Sakari Infinity, an original game music site, has a new design, and with the exception of the HUEG header it looks pretty good. Click around and you’ll find some neat tracks for use in videogames.

SGX – Have No Tyrant, which I linked to last week, was uploaded to Reunion Studio. SGX and Reunion seem to be getting along very well together. This is his third single on Reunion so far.

In other news, Simon reads my column, and so should you and all your friends. I wonder what I’ll find if I follow referral links like him…